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Why is it called the Cycling Diet? This approach cycles days when you are ON and OFF the diet. The cycling regimens vary according to your goals. For example, 1 week ON followed by 1 week OFF diet cycle (7-7) is used by those who are interested in increasing anabolism (muscle strength and size). Others, who are interested mostly in fat loss, use, for example, 2 days OFF and 5 days ON cycle (2-5). The cycling approach makes it easy to follow and is beneficial for your look and health. On top of that NO PROHIBITED FOOD! You can eat all food you love! NO NEED TO COUNT CALORIES! In fact, you will count nothing! Is not amazing?


There are 3 types of the Cycling Diet: The CALORIE CYCLING DIET, The CARB CYCLING DIET and The FAT CYCLING DIET. You can use "all in one" method, cycling calories, carbs and fat. As alternative, you can choose either one or two. Discover the diet which coordinates naturally with your interests and lifestyle! Variety is the spice of life!


You'll have days when you can eat normally, without denying yourself food and calories.


The Cycling Diet provides the variety that is natural and desirable, while at the same time giving you control over your health and weight. The Cycling Diet alternates days of restricted food intake with days on which you eat normally. In essence, it’s a cycling of calories. The best thing about the cycling method is that on “normal days,” you can enjoy the pleasures of pie, ice-cream—whatever your favorite treat is—because you’ve balanced these luxuries with the alternating days of restricted food intake! Do you know any other diet that allow sweets in large quantities? None! That is why sweets lovers call this diet as "life saver"!


The diet works best when coupled with the exercise program. What are your results? A lean body, younger look, improved health and fun-filled retirement years.


Take a walk through a bookstore and you'll find countless diet books. Return a month later and you'll see dozens of new titles packing the shelves. Publishers churn out hundreds of diet books every year, yet overall, they don't seem to do much good. The problem is that none of the books looks at the roots of the problem. To illustrate this point, think of an iceberg. It may look huge from the surface, but 90% of the ice mass is actually lurking under the water.


Most popular diets only address the "tip of the iceberg" by focusing on cutting calories. They never tackle the real health and wellness issue under the surface. All diets create destructive metabolism (catabolism) and NEVER pay attention to constructive metabolism (anabolism).  Anabolism is very important since creates muscles, bones, connective tissues, wrinkless skin and much more.


A   N   A   B   O   L   I   S   M    =   Y   O  U   T   H


As we age, we lose bone and muscle mass and accumulate more fat. In other words, we become flabby and obese. If we try to counteract this fat gain by following a traditional diet that simply reduces calorie intake, it makes a bad situation worse. Traditional dieting slows down an anabolism that is already impaired by aging. Calorie restriction brought on by dieting slows the important rejuvenation processes taking place every day. It also accelerates the negative effects of aging: muscle loss, bone loss, wrinkle formation, and a decrease in the production of the vital anabolic hormones: Human Growth Hormone, thyroid hormone, testosterone and DHEA.

Inadequate nutrition, the reduced food intake of diets and a sedentary, couch-potato lifestyle accelerates the impairments brought on by old age. The desirable and beneficial metabolic condition is anabolism predominance, which can be reached only with a Positive Calorie Balance — and by increasing the level of anabolic hormones. As you age, you need to speed up your anabolism. The Calorie Cycling Diet is the only diet that does that.


All diets (except CD) lead to muscle and bone loss. They also lead to a sagged, wrinkled skin because of collagen and elastin loss.



The hidden problems we must finally see are genetic mutations and hormones! The human body is a very complex system. The levels of HGH and testosterone are not the only factors in the fat loss formula. There are other parameters involved such as low insulin sensitivity, cell receptors' changes, genetic variations, gene expression levels, etc. Nevertheless, when the levels of testosterone and HGH are restored to younger levels, the fat melts away. This is often seen in patients who take testosterone and HGH as a part of hormone replacement therapy. Still, the answer is not to simply start taking these hormones. We need to treat all of the hormones in our body like instruments in an orchestra. You may raise levels of two hormones, but if the rest of your body is out of tune, your will never hear a symphony.

There are four key benefits of Carb Cycling Diet (CD):

1. It reduces refined carbohydrate consumption. That alone gives your pancreas the luxury of a well-needed rest and prevents diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

2. After sessions of hormone releasing exercise, CD boosts the level of anabolic hormones — HGH, and testosterone; and that's exactly what you need! When the diet is followed faithfully, it provides powerful anti-aging and health protecting benefits.

3. It prevents rapid slowdown in metabolism associated with dieting and aging.

4. It prevents loss of muscle and bone also associated with dieting and aging.


Why do we start gaining weight and looking flabby after age 35? Hormones! Why could we lose weight quickly when we were young, but now nothing seems to work? Hormones! Finally, why do teenagers quickly gain muscle but people over 40 find it extremely difficult? That's right, hormones! Young people naturally produce high levels of anabolic hormones, which help them build lean muscle and stay slim. It is also keeps skin wrinkle free and elastic. These anabolic hormones include human growth hormone (HGH), thyroid hormones and testosterone. They stimulate protein building processes (anabolism).


After age of 30, the production of anabolic hormones diminishes, the anabolic process in our body starts to decline and another process called catabolism becomes more prevalent. During catabolism, lean muscle mass is broken down. Catabolism starts to dominate when you become older.




What makes all of this more difficult is that traditional calorie restriction diets suppress our anabolic hormones even more and encourage the increasing rate of catabolism!


On a standard diet, you may lose fat, but you are also losing the vital proteins in muscles and skin that give you that young look. The skin starts to sag. Conventional diets age your skin and body! Why do young people get fewer diseases and recover faster? The answer lies in their level of anabolic hormones. Anabolic hormones play a very important role in disease prevention. These hormones act as a defensive shield, stimulating immune system and repair processes, protecting the body against illness. As we age, that shield becomes weaker and our immune system and repair mechanisms start to fail.

So, what is the solution? The Carb Cycling Diet! This diet increases your own hormone production in natural proportion, not only HGH or testosterone in isolation. The Carb Cycling Diet also lowers insulin level in your blood and improves your tissues' sensitivity to insulin. It allows you to eat sweets and thus increases thyroid hormones production. The best part is that following The Carb Cycling Diet is not hard or expensive. It simply requires you to understand how diet and exercise must work in tandem to promote a proper metabolic state. If you work out and eat according to the plan, you will stimulate your production of anabolic hormones. In short, you will have found the only true anti-aging formula. The results will astound you. You'll notice your body losing fat while gaining muscle and strength. There will be big changes happening invisibly, on cellular level. More importantly, you'll be protecting your health and adding quality years to your life. Unlike conventional diets that push you deeper into a catabolic (self-destructive) state, The Carb Cycling Diet provides a winning formula focusing on alternating catabolism with anabolism.


Here is a short formula for Cycling Diet: the alternation of strenght training and aerobic exercises + increased intake of protein (approximately 1 g of protein for 1 lbs of weight) 

The Cycling Diet technology allows not only to lose fat, but also to reshape your body - add in one place and remove from another. In other words, it can change your body contour. For example, it can help you to tranform from pear body shape to the sand clock body shape.


It also teaches you how to exercise in order to jump start your anabolic hormones. Your body will start functioning like the body of a younger person. You have the power to look great and feel fantastic. It all starts with Cycling Diet!

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Anti-aging Benefits

The Carb Cycling Diet provides powerful anti-aging benefits by increasing secretion of anabolic hormones (HGH, testosterone, thyroid hormones).


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Sweet your life

The Carb Cycling Diet allows you to eat sweets in large quantities. But there is a rule. First you need to diminish your glycogen reserves. Carb cycling can help you to do that.

Transform Yourself

The Fit and Flexible concept is taken further by Carb Cycling Diet. Dr.Malkov has developed  FIT WALK  aerobic exercise.