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Dr. Malkov

Dr. Malkov is specialist in rehabilitation medicine and acclaimed health author. He developed  microcycling and macrocycling nutrition concept that is basis of any cycling diet.
He is author of unique exercise programs that combine fitness with kinesiotherapy - FIT WALK and Transform.
His unique exercise programs treat spine hernia , neck and shoulder pains, joint problems. He created a  special walking technique FIT WALK (Russian walking) that  improve posture and treat scoliosis, kyphosis and other back problems.
Dr. Malkov earned his medical credentials from Russian Medical University, and has passed the U.S. Medical License Examination. He is also an Alliance Member with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Anti-aging Benefits

The Carb Cycling Diet provides powerful anti-aging benefits by increasing secretion of anabolic hormones (HGH, testosterone, thyroid hormones).


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Sweet your life

The Carb Cycling Diet allows you to eat sweets in large quantities. But there is a rule. First you need to diminish your glycogen reserves. Carb cycling can help you to do that.

Transform Yourself

The Fit and Flexible concept is taken further by Carb Cycling Diet. Dr.Malkov has developed  FIT WALK  aerobic exercise.